3 Reasons Sheikh Sulaiman Farooq Onikijipa Was Chosen As The 4th Mufti Of Ilorin

As we all know that Sheik Sulaiman Faruk Onikijipa, a.k.a Al-miskeen Billahi is a famous Islamic clergy that has millions Of fans in Nigeria and across the globe. the trending news is that This famous scholar was recently selected as the 4th mufty Ilorin out of all the league of Imams and Alfas in Kwara state. in this article, I will highlight three reasons why this famous cleric was selected to be the 4th mufty of Ilorin.

  1. He is a type whom the rich and famous people in Nigeria rush to when it comes to seeking Allah’s favor in which he intercedes for them. Most especially during the month of Ramadan his house in harmony estate Olowo Isheri use to be full of people that travel from far and near for the daily Ramadan lectures hold by Sheikh because they all know that not only lectures will be given by Sheikh but also he will guide them on the right part of Allah.
  2. He is a philanthropist and a considerate type in which he always gives out what he has as a charity in his capacity to the people who deserve it. As of earlier, there is trending news that Sheikh Farooq Onikijipa presented a special gift, a brand new Toyota Highlander 2020 to Mudir Markaz Agege during the graduation ceremony of Markazul Ameen 2020 held at the National Stadium.
  3. He was born by a powerful Sheikh in Ilorin, which inspired him to seek knowledge in Arabic and Islamic education e.g Sheikh possessed his Idadiyah certificate from Darul- Ulum Arabic and Islamic School Ilorin, He further to Markaz Agege Lagos, Under the auspice of Sheik Adam Al-Ilori 1983 till 1986. Sheikh doesn’t stop in Arabic education only but he also seeks knowledge in western education which he obtained his BSc in Islamic studies at Pebble University, Australia (2007), He is also a doctorate holder in human services from Columbus International University, England 2005.

Do you think Sheikh Sulaiman Farooq Onikijipa is not worthy enough to be selected as the 4th Mufti Ilorin?

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