Those who knew late Alhaji Mufutau Ajadi Lanihun, read about him or benefited directly or indirectly from him from the many different walks of life in which he excelled since his untimely death in March 2015, year in, year out have deservedly been honoring this Ibadan-based businessman, renowned philanthropist, financier and lover of the downtrodden.



The late socialite who explored charity to cushion the sufferings of commoners was a personification of good husband, caring father, great community leader, excellent grandfather and a man with enough deep conviction to weather the storm of life without giving up.


He was also a pillar of Islamic propriety and fountain of humanism, always eager to dispense goodwill, benevolence and magnanimity to all who came to him. With no shred of doubt he was a blessed soul all through the vissitude of life.


His philanthropy was imbued with his personal values, and the deep commitment to social justice which could also be seen in the different social, religious and business aspects of his life. He acknowledged the powerful influence of family values in his own development as a philanthropist, and that he was brought up by his wonderful parents to believe that as members of society, we have responsibilities to each other, a core principle that was drummed into him before he became wealthy and one which continued to guide him throughout his lifetime and career.


Evidence of those humanitarian and business instincts coming together can be seen in him by the entire world, enabling charities to become more effective through access to voluntary business expertise, sound, quality and convenient education, human capital development, youth empowerment and to social investment finance, etc.


Olanihun’s extraordinary ability and entrepreneurialism combined with his unpretentious generosity, compassion and quick wit made him a very special modern philanthropist, and we will continue to miss him, a rare breed indeed.


However, much as we remember this, we believe that he deserves to be celebrated in deserved tribute to his laudable life as an exemplary Nigerian with class, dignity and finesse and more importantly for his peerless humanitarian deeds.


Although he was not so advanced in age, he was only 69 as at the time of his demise, we will continue to appreciate the depth of the grief of his children, grandchildren, family as a whole knowing how affectionately close and tightly-knitted the family is. My heart is truly with this awesome family of high moral rectitude.


Whatever you sow in life, your children will reap the benefits. Alhaji Mufutau Ajadi Olanihun “sun re oo”. The first Ibadan indigene to build a free school for the children of the masses (No school fees, free feeding, free textbooks, free accommodation, and free uniform) Ibadan will not forget you sir.


Gbogbo awon omo yin naa ma ba alanu pade. Baami Ajadi sunre oo.



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