King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, also known as KWAM1, and his estranged socialite wife, Titi Masha have resolved their differences. They were re-united by concerned friends of the socialite who gathered to ensure peace between the music icon and Titi.

A sneak peak of what transpired during the meeting organised in order to settle the rift between the singer and his former wife, Titi surfaced on the Internet last week. In the video, the two former love birds took pictures together for the first time since they went their separate ways. They also shared a light hug before the music star left the venue of the peace keeping meeting. Some voices in the background were heard telling the couple to avoid bickering since Titi is a mother to three of KWAM1’s more than 30 children.
Fans are hopeful that the peace keeping mission will yield positive results and the two lovers will return to their old romantic ways.

The  love affair between KWAM1 and Titi, who is a popular socialite and cloth merchant, started after Yewande, one of KWAM1’s wives relocated to Canada. Titi met the Fuji musician during one of his engagements. She was introduced to him by a socialite known as Gbenga Akinbobola, a.k.a Gbenga Islander.

Gbenga was not only KWAM1’s friend at the time, but also Titi’s lover. However, Titi ended up dumping him for KWAM1.  The two took their affair to the next level when they tied the knots in 2017 in his palatial residence in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State.
But KWAM1 left her for another woman, Emmanuella Ropo whom he married in 2021.

Before things fell apart between them, Titi was the apple of K1’s eyes. He would sing her praises at parties where he was the guest performer. He even granted an interview in which he revealed that Titi hardly listened to hear-say and they both shared a level of understanding that had kept their relationship solid.

Unfortunately, KWAM1 could not suppress his unquenchable appetite for beautiful and well-endowed women. It turned out that his new wife, Emmanuella, was a loyal client of Titi who would always sing Emmanuella’s praises for always patronising her. But like they say, Titi got served with the same ‘spoon and plate’ she served her ex-lover and KWAM1’s friend, Gbenga Islander.

Unfortunately she couldn’t take what she dished out. She felt insulted that her husband could go after her customer-turned friend and she made a scene about it. She confronted her husband and things just went sour between them.

Unperturbed by Titi’s reaction, KWAM1 carried on and legalised his marriage with Emmanuella. Expectedly, Titi’s friends who were not happy with the way their friend was treated threatened to disrupt their wedding and predicted the early demise of the marriage. In fact on the day of the wedding, KWAM1 ensured there was a heavy presence of security men to prevent any embarrassment. The wedding done and dusted, Titi’s friends did not relent as they took to social media to spread false news about the music icon turning Emmanuella into a punching bag, an allegation the newlyweds denied.

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