Late Timothy Adegoke and his family members.

Many months ago, an investigative Journalist named Oriyomi Hamzat publicized what happened to a certain man named Timothy Adegoke. This man was alleged to have been murdered by a wealthy Nigerian named Chief Abdulrahman Adedoyin.

Recently, a video showing the moment Chief Rahman Adedoyin was leaving the court went viral on social media.

In this video, a family member to the deceased said, “Chief Adedoyin killed my brother (Timothy Adegoke) and was still brought to the court in a jeep.”

Photo of the deceased and the accused. Credit: Oriyomi Hamzat.

Also, in the video, it was alleged that Chief Rahman Adedoyin threatened to kill the brother of the deceased.

Late Timothy’s brother, Mr Gbade Adegoke, angrily hurled words at the Chief as he was being shielded from any kind of attack by Police Officers while leaving the courtroom.

Recall that some weeks ago, Oriyomi Hamzat noted that the CCTV footage showing the moment Rahman Adedoyin committed the murder has been recovered. As it stands, people hope justice comes to play because the journalist handling the case since inception made it clear that winning the case doesn’t look feasible as it was in the past.

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