When we were growing up Lucifer was depicted as one with long horns on the head and long tail but later we found out that Lucifer was one of the fallen angels who fell from heaven , traps souls , manipulates and lives amongst us.

One is forced to wonder who really Osinachi’s husband Peter was. Is he the Lucifer? Is he jinxed? Does he get intoxicated on high level alcohol or does he combine it with the weed from yonder ? Is he suffering from some form of phychiatric ailment or is he a psychopath? Is it greed and lust for money that triggered his actions, etc Abi na same Peter wey deny Jesus be this sef?

It is so disheartening to read the story of Osinachi’s death. More painful to read of how her husband Peter took advantage of her naivity and even manipulated her children to always beat her. We inflict so much pain on ourselves because of religious beliefs, lack of exposure and myopia.

“Ha what will the people say if they know as a Gospel Musician my husband beats me and collects my money, “Ha my family must not hear that my husband beats me they will ask me to leave him, Ha my children will become fatherless if I leave him, we go on and on with flimsy excuses at the detriment of our safety and sanity.

Osinachi could have avoided death if she had left religious fanaticism and spoken out when her husband Peter started all the infliction and maltreatment.

It is a known fact that some men lack self esteem and feel intimidated when a woman becomes more successful, has higher status, is a high flyer in her career or financially more bouyant than them hence they turn caprice and exhibit strange personality.

Ekwueme !!! Ekwueme!!!
You are the Living God O
Eze no one like you

Ekwueme !!! Ekwueme !!!
You are the Living God O
You bless men that cherish women.
Eze no one like you


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