Sequel to the constant accidents occuring in the aforementioned road, 10km between Benin and Warri Road has called for the youths to placed an embargo on the road with the demand of the Government to seek into the situation.

Reacting to the recent blockages on the road, report has it that there was heavy gridlock on the road causing delay in the day-to-day movements on the road.

In a vis-a-vis interview held with one of the youths on the road, 1steleven9jatv was able to garner that the youths has constantly laid complaints to the Government for years; He said, “This road is a busy road that accommodates thousands of road users on a daily basis, and which it busyness has caused the road to become weak, but the Government has been turning a deaf hear to our plea, which is why we embarked on this action.

Another youth on the road blockage who pleaded anonymity expressed his grievances that, it won’t minimize or maximize the authority of the Government, if an action is put in place to secure a good road for the road users. He said, “Our Conveniences as road users is what we clamored for”.

The media aide on the road for 1steleven9jatv made a glance on the placards held by some of the protesters and which some reads; “Enough Is Enough”, “Minimize The Deaths On The Road By Restructuring Our Road”, “We’re Tired Of Constant Accidents”.

1steleven9jatv however is using this medium to preach the gospel to the government to make a turn around to the road as the lives of the road users is more important as we won’t the road users to die on the search for means of livelihood.

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