Following about five months on tour in the United States, Nigerian Fuji musician, King Saheed Osupa, who got back to his home country, Nigeria, on the 7th of September, is back in the studio and already working on a new project – the month has already seen him in busy strides as just yesterday, the 17th of September, the film actor and Hip Fuji Creator was in attendance at the Final Burial Ceremony of the late Aseyin of Iseyin, Oba Abdul-Ganiyu Adekunle Salawudeen, an event where he met up with the Oyo State Governor, Engr. Oluseyi Makinde and in his words as quoted on his Instagram’s official handle, “we may differ in ideology and other sundry issues, but overall, peace sacrosanct; we must believe in peace! Peace is more of an internal settlement, a state of the mind, rather than what is visible on the external.”

At the event, King Saheed Osupa also announced the release of his next project, “Fuji Template,” which he’s currently working on at the studio – “Fuji Template” would follow earlier bodies of work such as “Power of Music,” “Direction” and “Diary” all released within the past year; with notary awards to his name such as the “Best Musician in an Acting Role” by the Yoruba Academy Awards back in 2013, to the “Best Fuji Musician of the Year” by City People Entertainment Awards in 2015 and also the “Best Fuji Musician of the Year” by The Yoruba Image International Awards in 2019,

The award-winning Fuji musician is set to move onwards to peace between himself and the Oyo State Governor as he focuses now on “Fuji Template,” an album which would be out in December and marketed by Role Model Entertainment.

Watch out for Fuji Template!

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