Ebisanmi Folake a Songstress Speaks with Bimbo Esho



Can we meet you?


My name is Ebisanmi Ayomipo Folake popularly known as (Yeye Oge Ilya Imade). I am a native of Ondo State, Ese Odo Local Government.


When did you join Kegite Club?


I joined Kegite Club in 2019 . I was introduced to the club by one of my lecturers Dr Ogunro who is also a member of our club.


I stumbled on your album somewhere. I was thrilled by your depth in Yoruba language in your compositions and your love for unity as portrayed in the 4 tracks of your album *COMRADIC ADVICE.* What inspired these compositions?


The album is my first album. It was released on August 27th, 2022. I composed the songs in a bid to Foster Unity amongst the members of Kegite Club. In our club we have Songitress ( Female Singers), Songitos ( Male Singers), Drumitos( Drummers). We also have different levels of Elemulagbe”s which include the Comrade, Felowosis, Senior Fellowsis, Life Senior Fellowsis, Patrons & Matrons, Chiefesis, National Chief, World Chief. All these people and others make up the Kegite Club.


Do you have a name for your kind of music?




What is the mission of your group? Also what does the Palmwine Symbolise?


Kegite Club is a social cultural club that promotes love and unity. This is why our motto is Unity in Diversity. The Palmwine is the basis of World Peace.


Do you have any of your family members who are also into music?


Yes two of my uncles from my motherside are Juju Musicians.


Tell me Folake how did your parent feel about your chosen line of interest?


Ha!! My dad at first didn’t find it funny ooo. Because he couldn’t come to terms with why I will decide to be a musician but later I got his prayers and support for my chosen field .


Unlike many of your contemporaries who are heavily into Afrobeats, Juju, RnB, Hip-hop, etc you chose to do Kegite Music what informed such decision.


I think basically it is the environment I find myself. I am in the comradic environment and my fans easily accept my kind of music and they patronize me. Mr gyration media and entertainment was the first to motivate my interest in Kegite music.


Let us get personal. You are a pretty babe how do you manage men’s advances in the entertainment industry?


I manage them very well. It is not difficult at all. I am actually in a relationship at the moment.

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