Mercy Aigbe has opened up on her marriage to Kazim Adeoti in new interview with Punch.


Excerpt below…

Some people feel that a popular and rich actress like you will find it very hard to be submissive in your marriage. Are you submissive to your spouse?

Love will make one do many things. The people that are saying things like that don’t love their partners. If one loves the person one is with, one would be submissive. One would want to do everything to please one’s hubby, and that includes being submissive. Regardless of one’s status, one’s husband is one’s leader.


What were the qualities you saw in him that made you know he was the right one for you?

I like his smile and dark skin. Beyond all that, I like his person. He is a very wise person, who communicates a lot. I believe that communication is key in relationship, because it helps understanding. I don’t like people that don’t talk. If you don’t talk, I wouldn’t know how you are feeling or what you want me to do.


I also like the fact that he is very understanding. Whenever he feels that he is wrong, he apologises. He is not the typical Nigerian man, who has a big ego. He is not egoistic, though he is strict. I like the fact that he is strict, because I like people that have morals and values.


Also, he is a great dad, who loves children. He loves to make the people around him comfortable. He is selfless as well. To cap it up, he is a fine man.


In the early days of your marriage, the noise on the Internet was loud. How were you able to get through that phase?

I just stayed focused. I am in charge of my life, and I know what works for me. At the end of the day, whether it is a good or bad decision, I would be the one to face the consequences. I don’t need people’s validation for whatever decision I take regarding my life.


What’s the difference between Mercy, ‘the star actress’, and ‘the wife’? Do you cook for your husband and do other domestic chores?

In recent times, people are starting to see that other side of me, because I am influencing for a brand which entails me cooking, and doing some domestic activities. Before now, I never used to put things like that on social media, but now, because of the brand I am influencing for, I have to do that.


Of course, I cook for my husband. I do my wifely duties. Whenever I am at home, I always want everyone, including my husband and kids, to feel and appreciate my presence. Whenever I am at home, everybody is happy. And when I am not around, they miss me so much. I always make sure my family enjoys good food, and other beautiful moments with them.

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