Major General UM Mohammed, a former Director, Nigerian Army Properties Limited, is facing a military court martial over allegations of collecting several billions of naira from serving and retired officers for post-retirement houses but which could not be found, Sunday, Vanguard understood yesterday.



A senior officer who spoke to on the development said, “He is also being detained because he cannot account for the billions of Naira collected as proceeds from the sale of NA Properties and lands across the country.


“To cover his evil machinations he is claiming the funds were spent based on directives. But he had worked with several other Chiefs of Army Staff had committed other infractions before this final fraud and I can tell you authoritatively that he triedly severally including recruiting many Emirs to beg the Army authorities to stop the court martial without success.


“This led to the present COAS decision to court martial him. All his mates have retired but since he is facing the court he cannot be retired until judgement is delivered”._

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