A popular property agent who advertised his kidney for sale has explained why he wanted to dispose of the vital organ.


The middle-aged man property agent, simply identified as Saka, aka Sakaphobia, had in a viral Facebook video called on interested parties to reach him on his telephone line, which he gave as, 08038366787.


In the self-shot Internet video,  Sakaphobia announced the urgency of selling his kidney, while positing that he is better off without one of his kidneys than committing suicide.


“Sharp sharp”, Saka started in the video, “straight to business. Kidney for sale. I want to sell one of my kidneys. Sharp sharp (meaning urgently), cool money. “Man better sells one kidney than commit suicide.


“Any interested party should call 08038366787 urgently,” a seemingly frustrated Saka said in the 31  seconds video.


However, when contacted on Monday morning, Sakaphobia said he had had a change of mind, while also explaining what had transpired after he uploaded the video. He said he is yet ready to part with the organ, but would no longer be for pecuniary considerations.


Speaking with 1steleven9jatv.com via a phone conversation, the Property Agent said: “I am serious about what I said. And secondly, I am not doing it because of money. “It was due to certain business debt that was almost running me mad. That is the reason why you saw that video.


“And since I had people talk to me, encouraging me to cool down and leave all in the hands of God, I have had a change of mind.” He nonetheless expressed his readiness to donate the kidney to anyone in true need of the organ, provided they are found to be compatible by doctors.


“The  only thing is if there is anyone who seriously needs a kidney and the doctors find mine compatible, I will be willing to donate for free. Without any consideration for money.


See Video Below;


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