Former Labour Party Presidential Aspirant, Oluwadamilare Joseph Faduri popularly known as Fadojoe has blasted the party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi for his negligence over the forthcoming general elections.



He made this statement in an exclusive interview he granted Gbolahan Adetayo on Thursday night.


According to him, “If Labour Party loses this upcoming election, all the blames will be at the table of no other person but Peter Obi.

I watched from the beginning of his campaign and see a man who either not capable of running a larger campaign or intentionally running a campaign to loose.


“In any election, no one runs a campaign of non inclusion, no one wins on a solo campaign style and no election is ever won from internet polls. I see the Southwest losing in this election, not because of Tinubu but because Peter Obi never did the needful by mobilizing or securing the zone. Northwest is also the same, even the Southeast where Mr. Peter Obi came from, not in unison supporting him right now.


“The North is cracking. Many members of Labour Party across the Nation are decamping to other Parties, sighting the leadership style of Peter Obi as not inclusive and not embracing others. A former Aspirant that ran a failed Osun gubernatorial election, Hon. Lasun, who I knew from his arrogant style would loose anyway and I never supported or campaign for him, for he is arrogant and unfit for a new Nigeria, he has crossed to another Party because he lacks the quality of a leader i can support in my own state. So his loss to me is at no cost to the State of Osun.


“So many are crossing by the day as the election draws near when people are supposed to move towards our party instead.


I talked to many Youths and a handful of them actually follow through with their PVC while many did not. Many of Mr Obi campaign coordinators are complaining of not getting mobilization materials from the center and yet he wants to win, what happened to all the money and resources raised for Peter Obi across the World? Many States with no campaign materials 10 days before the election. No Posters, fliers, Billboards and many campaign materials, many in the grass root have no idea of social media obedient and I wonder if election is won on such way especially in a Nation that is still a third world developing like ours”, he said.

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