Controversial Nigerian artist, Habeeb Okikiola Badmus, popularly known as Portable is in the news again for another bad reason.


According to information reaching us at, Portable had entered into an agreement with a certain Mr Musibau Olawale Babalola, a US-based music promoter and Chief Executive of Fathia Entertainment LLC for a musical concert collaboration. By the agreement Portable was to perform in 8- 10 North American cities and the promoter was to procure an American Visa for Portable and his crew members.

Fulfilling his own end of the deal, the promoter engaged the services of American Attorney and paid the sum of $12,000:00( Twelve thousand US dollars) to secure a work permit for Portable to enable him transverse the designated US cities for the shows, in consonance with US immigration laws.


The promoter also said he paid the sum of $3,950 statutory fee for USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services work permit on behalf of Portable.


The promoter also submitted that he paid Portable the sum of $2,500, N3.4M and N1M respectively and a date was fixed for Visa interview at America Embassy.


“Portable in his characteristic manner, displayed unprofessional conduct at US embassy and exhibited other sundry abrasive behaviors and was denied visa on two occasions. All the pertinent questions normally asked of a visa applicant were posed to Portable and instead of him answering the question in simple English he understands, instead he decided to answer the Consular in his local language, obviously not understood by the Consular,” the promoter said.


“Portable’s denial of visa could be predicated on his claims on social media of being the founding member of a dreaded cult group. The US Embassy does not issue visas to people of questionable character and therefore could be one of the reasons he was denied visa,” he added.


After the visa denial saga, there was an agreement between the promoter and Portable, that the latter will refund all the expenses incurred.


Considering the circumstances, the promoter said he reduced the amount to be refunded to N8M and Portable agreed to make the payment, but pleaded to do so in 5 installments.


Portable made the first installment of N2M, but reneged on his promise to balance up. Due to Portable’s refusal to effect the balance payment, the music promoter engaged the services of M. B. Fabunmi Esq of law firm of Messrs Hoxton Partners to commence a legal proceedings against Zazzu star to recover the said debt and damages.


In the Lawyer”s letter to Portable, the sums of $29,890 and N3.4M were demanded from him and


Portable, through his Lawyer denied owing the music promoter any $29,890, but admitted owing the sum of N8M from which N2M has been paid.


This suit has been assigned to Honourable Justice Ogala of the Ikeja High Court.

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