Our attention has been drawn to a purported, baseless recent fabricated video trending on social media, we would like to clear the air at this juncture.



The fabricated video was made from a church service we had some weeks ago and was constructed out of false context due to the bad agenda against our church, that christians talking about politics especially the seer of our time, prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe ‘Genesis’ the Sheppard in charge of Genesis Global.


We would like to say there is a myopic thinking which is affecting the masses concerning Christians involving in politics and Christians talking about politics, even God isn’t against politics, so the mentality that Christians shouldn’t be involved in politics should be abolished and eradicated for the sake of new generations coming behind.


We will release a full video of the church service in particular that will discredit this fabricated video going around social media space.


Watch the original video below;

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