Seer and Aristocrat Ayomipe Jatto Predicts the fall of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu also warns against a military coup which may lead to death of the President.


On Democracy day June 12 which stands as a day to remember Chief Mko abiola who died in the struggle to become the President of the federal of Nigeria, Jatto in his prediction warns about the death of strong northern leader like former President Muhammadu buhari, Alhaji kassim setima, Atiku abukubakar and a great King in the Northern region which may lead to a great disaster and Civil war


Jatto in his statement gave discription of how the President was shot in his Presidential Motorcade along side his ADC which his wife Remi Tinubu was spared and a nothern Miltary officer seized power immediately his son seyi Tinubu was arrested for going against the Military.


Jatto also Predicts the soon release of Mazi Nnamdi kanu leader of IPOB in the month of August 2023 who is one the strongest lead in eastern part of Nigeria.


The seer also made a request of Peace to the President to be careful over having any clash mostly with the Northern Elites or creating any form of tribal war.


Jatto commends the president on the Arrest of the former CBN Governor Godwin Emefile and the drop in price of commodities Jatto is also looking forward to United Nigeria.

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