I was still in secondary school when I met Aunty Latoya Aduke.

She is a woman so full of life, love, grace , extremely supportive and motherly . Ever bubbling, she lights up the atmosphere to a musical ecstasy wherever you find her.

Everytime she visited my dad’s office with her soulmate Daddy Orlando Julius she always tease me and promise to teach me how to dance and roll my fairly curved African waist (lol) .

Watching her electrifying dance moves on stage often gave me goosebumps and I always bowed to the African Lady of Dance after every performance. I often wonder if I can dare dance like her and not break my fragile waist.

OJ acculturated her steadfastly into the Nigerian cultural setting by teaching her our greeting, our food, dressing, music ,etc. so as to boost her confidence back home upon their arrival to Nigeria in the 90’s.

Their Adebola home in Surulere was a beehive of musical activities and training for all music lovers in Nigeria be it Afrobeat, Jazz, Highlife, Soul, etc

Together with her husband they started a selfless television show on MITV with the intent of promoting and showcasing many of the great minds in the Nigerian entertainment industry to the world.

She has travelled the world over and performed at different music festivals of the world with her husband OJ both showcasing the African Afro/Highlife music genre .

Latoya Aduke also have in her repertoire some popular songs like Mo Ti Gboro Kan, Be Positive, Alafia, Don’t Worry,etc

To Aunty Latoya one Truth we shall tell you as you Mark your 63rd birthday today for the very first time without your soulmate is that “YOU ARE NOT ALONE”

Love you always

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