Late Ola Ibironke (Dudu Heritage)


Golf enthusiast and socialite, Oladiran Ishola Ibironke (Dudu Heritage) who died on the evening of September 12, 2021, and was buried on Friday, October 15 of the same year is now part of history.

However, our busy-body Parrots will not allow things to stay quiet. Despite the fact that the deed has been done, they are still talking about issues that led to the untimely demise of the well-loved Ijeshaman who was also the Captain of the exclusive Ibadan Golf Club till he departed this world.

Though we refused to listen when the ‘rumour mongers’ came up with the topic of how ‘Abula’ controversy gave the late Dudu Mayana (as he was fondly referred to by admirers) many sleepless nights.

Readers may wish to read the seriously edited submission of one of our Parrots about the said controversy. Here we go:

“You see, Dudu was a man who would do anything to protect his good name. He never arrogated power onto himself. He carried everybody along despite the fact that there are at least three ‘camps’ within the Ibadan Golf Club. Yes, the politics here is more volatile than what you see outside.

Late Ola Ibironke Dudu…delivering his speech…during the recently held 30th anniversary of Ibadan Golf Club…
“When it came to the attention of Dudu that some people were planning what they called ‘Abula Tourney’, he told them to follow due process. They did not like his stance. They took the sporting event to Tiger Golf Club at Odogbo. Rumours started flying around and this bothered Dudu.

“He was more bothered that some of these folks had, at one time or the other been supported by him. Yes, he had his own shortcomings like any human being. It really worried him that people could go to any extent to defame him all because of club issues.

“Those of us who knew Dudu got worried because he already told us that he was having issues with his blood pressure management. He even told us that he was quitting alcohol consumption.

“So, some of his close friends did not want him to be carrying the burden of the betrayal he felt around because of his blood pressure management issue. So, they arranged for a peace meeting with those who had problems with him. It was that meeting that was being held on Sunday, September 12 on the second floor of the elitists’ club in Ibadan when he collapsed. He never survived it.”

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