Kudirat Ogunro popularly known as Kudi Alagbo is a screen diva with lots of energy.

Kudi, who started acting 12 years ago with the support of her cousin and mentor, actress Iyabo Ojo, has featured in over 150 movies. She has equally produced a number of films of her own.
In this interview, Kudi talks about her career, crashed relationship, sex, kind of man, and plans for the year. Enjoy it.

What’s up about you lately?
I am grateful things are working in a better way, and I am looking forward to more blessings this year.

How did you spend your New Year day?
I spent it with my loved ones. I also attended many functions.

Are you planning or working on any movie at the moment?

Yes, by God grace, I am working on some movies for the year 2022.

What’s the best thing that happened to you in 2021?

I would like to thank God for how far He has brought my business and me. Sincerely, I never knew my brand could grow this fast.

What’s the biggest lesson you learnt in 2021?
I learnt a bigger lesson last year. I was served with a ‘breakfast’. The relationship I so much cherished crashed! But it’s fine.

  1. I swear it’s fine because there’s always a blessing in disappointment. Thank God I have learnt my lesson.

I notice you are more into Kudi Alagbo as a brand than moviemaking. Are you giving up on filmmaking?

 I am working hard on both and I can’t leave one for the other.What’s your advice for those looking up to you in the industry?It’s simple! Keep praying and always stay positive.

That’s the best way to survive in this industry.How best do you enjoy yourself when you want to relax?Honestly, I don’t want to sound nasty. If it’s about relaxation, I always want the maximum of it.

I hope you get it, and if you don’t get it, forget about it (laughs).

What turns you on as a woman?

Whenever he is sucking my breast! What’s your beauty routine?

I don’t joke with my beauty routine at all. I visit my beauty spa twice in a month and use some skin supplements.

 What’s the best gift your lover has ever given you?Gift? Maybe, good sex… You get it?Are you open to any serious relationship or you are in one already?Relationship?

Let me just say that I am happy with my present situation.What do you look out for in the man you want to spend the rest of your life with?

I love respectful, God fearing man. Most importantly, I love when a man is able to satisfy me on bed at least 10 times in a day!10 times a day? Are you serious or…?

Don’t worry about that sister. But seriously, that’s my kind of man.Is your body natural or enhanced with cosmetics?No! I’m 100 percent natural

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