When you are talking about female Islamic singers who have contributed immensely the growth of the music in Nigeria and in diaspora, definitely Hajia Monsurat Akobi Esan is one of them. The very beautiful and humble singer of Allah knows her onion when it comes to good music.

Her music composition is superb coupled with her sonorous voice, these strong characteristics made her a strong force to recon with in Islamic music cycle and toast of many . What many don’t know about her is that music runs in her family, one of her uncles was a musician and she learnt a lot about music from him.

The Egun born singer is currently in studio waxing another good album and she is seriously working judiciously to have a very good album launching next month. In this brief interview, Akobi Esan, told us what many don’t know about her. How long have you been in the music industry?I cannot say exactly when I joined the Islamic music industry, because music has been part of me since childhood. One of my uncles was an actor and a musician. He had his band and they played every Friday. I learnt a lot from him right from childhood, so I can easily say that I inherited music from my family. Yes, music runs in the family.My first album was released in 2009. Before then, I had some demo cassettes. The album was titled, ‘Ire Ni Mo Fe’. It had six tracks. The album was a prayer about Allah’s blessings and goodness.Have you ever collabo with any other Islamic singers?Sure, i tried collaborating with many of them, not all of them that have made names were ready but few of them were supportive. The first person that I can never forget is Alhaja Mariam Akiki, she was just taking me with her to occasions. Another person that supported my musical career was Alhaji Kabiru Alayande Ere Asalatu whom I first collaborated with. I equally collaborated with Alhaji Abdulasam Azeez Abiodun popularly known as Saoty Arewa. I collaborated with him on the song, ‘Ramadan’.Over two years in the industry, how many albums do you have?I have done more than six albums so far and I’m currently in the studio for my new album.

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