The year was 1976 when Nigeria’s Shooting Stars defeated Sierra Leone and won the African Cup Winners Cup thus Making the Shooting Stars the first Nigerian football club to claim a continental title.


I am not a football fan as such but this particular year 1976 has refused to leave my memory especially when I stumble on pictures , videos and music that forms the benchmark of history for me during this period.


There was a particular song that followed this victory and was dedicated to a great Nigerian Football Icon who wedded during this same period. Considering the footballers enormous contribution to sport in Nigeria at age of 24 years he was truly deserving of that song dedication at that time.


Let me refresh our memory a little.


The song can be found on Inter Reformers Band “Igba Laye” album sleeve and goes thus:


Segun Odegbami se gbe yawo , aiye gbo , Orun Mo Gbogbo IICC lo peju.


( Segun Odegbami got married and it was the talk of the town with IICC as guest)


Atamatase ni Odegbami ti ere ba di bolu gbigba


( Odegbami is a skilled striker when it comes to football)


O gba bolu yika yika Africa o ta won yo


( He took his football skill across Africa and made impact )


Okiki Odegbami tan Yika Africa o gba Oye Wa Si le


( His star shine across Africa)


From Sam Ojebode, to Muda Lawal , to Kunle Awesu, to Odegbami is a goal


It is a goal ooo Odegbami


Chief Lekan Salami mo ki e Baba O seun


Do it well anything you do put in your best


Oh! Yes this song catches my fancy every time I stumble on it. Very sad to know that the once mentioned Left legged Winger Kunle Awesu died in mysterious circumstances in the US with no official publication of his obituary or news mention of his name anywhere . Also the popular Captain of the Shooting Stars Captain Samuel Ojebode also died last year.


For me today is a day to celebrate these powerful Squad of Football history of 1976.



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