In a recent press release, the Nigerian Police Force has condemned the actions of popular comedian Abdulgafar Abiola, also known as “Cute Abiola,” for his portrayal of the police uniform in two skits posted on social media.


The skits, which were deemed disrespectful and derogatory, have sparked outrage and raised concerns about the violation of the Criminal Code and Penal Code Law.


The Nigerian Police Force is taking the matter seriously and has announced that Abdulgafar Abiola (cute abiola) will be subject to investigation and potential prosecution. The law enforcement agency has previously warned skit makers and filmmakers against misrepresenting or desecrating the police uniform, as such actions undermine the integrity and dignity of the men and women who serve the nation in law enforcement.

The police force emphasizes its commitment to upholding the sanctity of the uniform and will pursue legal measures to ensure accountability for anyone who seeks to bring disrepute to the uniform or the institution it represents. They call on the public, including media personalities, to exercise their freedom of expression responsibly and avoid actions that could erode public trust in the revered law enforcement institutions.


The case of “Cute Abiola” has raised important discussions about the balance between freedom of expression and the responsibility to uphold the honor and reputation of essential institutions like the police force.



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