Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, has picked Doyin Okupe as his running mate.

Mr Okupe told Peoples Gazette on Friday evening that Mr Obi picked him because he found him worthy to serve.


“Yes, I am the vice-presidential candidate of our party because I was found worthy by the candidate and the party to serve,” he said to The Gazette by telephone Friday evening.


Other sources reveal that Doyin Okupe was picked as a place holder to beat INEC’s Friday deadline.


Peter Obi’s supporters have reacted to the news. Here are a few of them.




ObiDIENTS, here’s the deal; Labour Party having Doyin Okupe as a placeholder VP is simply a smart maneuver, to beat INEC’s deadline. Be rest assured the Announcement will come. Negotiations are in top gear. The unveiling of LP’s prolific Northern Striker, will be loud.✊




Doyin Okupe is not the VP candidate of Peter Obi and the Labour party. He is just there to hold the place for now.


It was done to beat INEC’s deadline. Thank you.




What kind of poor reportage is this? Are you people ok?


Olaudah Equiano®


If truly Doyin Okupe is Peter Obi’s running mate, I’ll sadly re-evaluate my continued in-depth support of that great man. I love revolutionary ideas and movements, but I like those goals to be realistic and realizable. I don’t go in search of shadows. I’m gutted and sad.





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