Most popular young boxer Muiz, popularly addressed as “SMALL AJ” is set to hold his first title fight on the 29th of May, 2022 at Alagbado area, Ogun State.

Muiz got the stage name Small AJ, after when he made a knockdown hit in one of his local axis fist, he won meticulously with a huge gap difference, his punches got him the box ring name; Small AJ.

Small AJ Is a talented boxer who has been in training for 3 years under the tutelage of Coach Jamani. He has fought in various competitions above numerical figures basically both in Ogun State and Lagos State. While been amazed with his kind of talent, our correspondent had an interview with him in his last fist and he made the globe understands that he’s just eight (8) years of age who has been passionate about boxing as a career. He said, “I have made the decision to be one of the top talented young boxer in the world, and the goal is to fight beyond the local axis, to preach love and peace across the globe.


In an interview with his coach, Trainer Jamani, he explained to 1steleven9jatv that Muiz popularly addressed as Small-Aj is a talented boxer whom everyone is proud of, he is a boxer of the outodox style who is determined to fight against his fears and all other odds. He said he’s more interested in grooming him, because Muiz is a promising boxer who will eventually become a renowned superstar.


The fun fist is proudly sponsored by “Teebabs Boxing Gym” and endorsed by other anonymous channels.

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