The hosts of Mountain Of Miracle, Bishop and Prophetess Lucas has announced to the entirety of the citizens and residents of the nation a monthly power-packed program which this month’s edition is tagged “Breakthrough”.


Breaking through to success isn’t the regular breakthrough everyone pray about, it takes the strong to get to the top as there are several pitholes on the way to success, that’s why the God’s generals are set to host and accommodate those who are thirsty for breakthrough to come around to pray their way to the success land.


In an interview with the host Pastor, Bishop Lucas, He said, the program is not just a program that was established based on his thoughts alone, but a factual one from God’s direction. The program is designed to come up every last Friday of each month at the mountain of miracle.


The Power-packed program is set to hold on the 25th Of March, 2022 by 10pm prompt, the program promises to be fulfilling and going to be a breakthrough night indeed as anointed ministers will be in the mountain to perform their ministerial duties.

Amidst ministers who will be shaking the shackles of the devil are, Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe (Genesis), Prophet Sam Ojo (Authority), Prophet Mathew Olakanmi and other anointed ministers of God.


1steleven9jatv encourages all to come around to witness God in action as miracles will be breaking into realities in the mountain of miracles opposite Augustine University, Ilara, Epe, Lagos State.


The graphics above is made available for all for further enquires.

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