As seen online, an elderly woman has been captured scaling through a tall fence belonging to a bank after she was was denied the withdrawal of her hard-earned money

The incident which happened in the Bodija, Area of Ibadan, saw the angry woman, after waiting for so long, jumped the fence to enter the bank and challenge the bank operatives


Going by incidents that have surfaced online and offline since the naira suddenly disappeared into thin air, it is glaring that Nigerians won’t stop doing drastic and unimaginable things to prove that they are not entitled to be treated badly when trying to get the money they worked for.



In recent times, many have been seen undressed in different banks, many have been seen fighting and hitting one another badly in banking environments, and some have staged protests and destroyed banking equipment after they were denied their money


However, the video of an elderly woman jumping the fence has got much talking and perhaps calling on the government to find a lasting solution so that everything can come back to normal



According to the report, the woman took the decision after the bank delayed everyone on the ground outside.


In the viral video, others who were present could be heard cheering her as she struggled very hard to scale the fence and gain entry into the bank


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