Dear TAMPAN President,


I read your letter dated 9th July, 2021. I was invited for a PEACE and RECONCILIATION talks, to found out it was actually a different motive. I reacted immediately online that TAMPAN is only an NGO/Voluntary organisation and NOT government regulatory body, moreso I AM NOT YET A CARD CARRYING MEMBER, so suspension wrong. And why rush to social media always?

When I noticed it was not a peace talk, I asked these salient questions from the committee members:

i. Who is the complainant, who is TAMPAN fighting for? No copy of petition. I honoured as a mark of respect.

ii. Has the committee members really and truly watch the movie and dissect professionally?

iii. I asked if TAMPAN don’t care what happen to her members(if truly I was one) but seemingly went quiet throughout the time my name and brand was dragged for fighting the enforcement of Human Rights, Fair Trial and against Illegal Detention of a suspect?

I got no answer.

As professionals whose career are guided and protected by the RIGHTS OF EXPRESSION in Nigeria and United Nations, TAMPAN should NEVER be seen guage anybody for exercising this right, it is criminal and unacceptable.

A layman who watch OKO IYABO movie will know the rights of every persons you may assumed were targeted was respected. None full names, images or voices were used. Where you got your ideas from baffles.
Even those who do videos via tiktoks using others voices were not guaged.

One may conclude TAMPAN ignites government PERSECUTION on my movie, person, career and means of livelihood. What an association! If I have one true father figure in TAMPAN to drag this nonsense, maybe. Anyway, I will rather seek judicial means to get justice as at when due. I fear no humankind, but I accord respect. I only fear the Almighty.

I honoured the judge’s order and will continue to. OKO IYABO was concluded on the 6th of June (before court strike was called off) and order was on the 24th June. All lies on OKO IYABO movie has expiry dates. Concept NEVER about the case. ORIGINAL OF THE ONE SCENE RECREATED WAS ONLINE and SEEN BEFORE. Attack on Oko Iyabo movie wrong.

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