The House of Oduduwa is thrilled to extend her heartfelt congratulations to you on your remarkable and well-deserved victory as declared by the esteemed Supreme Court of Nigeria. This momentous ruling is a triumph for democracy and the will of the Good People Of The State Of Osun.


Your journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, showcasing your resilience courage, and commitment to the service of the people of your people. Throughout the legal process, you have demonstrated exemplary leadership and a steadfast belief in the principles of justice and fairness. Your perseverance has finally resulted in the realization of your rightful mandate, bringing hope and inspiration to countless individuals who believe in the power of democracy.

The people of the state have placed their trust in you, and we have no doubt that you will work tirelessly to fulfill the aspirations and dreams of citizenry. Your passion for public service, your vision for progress, and your unwavering dedication to the welfare of the people will undoubtedly guide you in the path ahead.


Now that you have been finally affirmed as our Governor, you are urged to develop a robust partnership with the Federal government in the interest of our people. We have full confidence that you will be magnanimous in victory and also, lead with integrity, wisdom, and compassion. Your tenure is an opportunity to bring about positive change, uplift communities, and foster an environment of inclusivity, progress, and development.


Osun people are confident that under your leadership, the State will experience unprecedented growth and prosperity, and the lives of our people will be transformed for the better. Without mincing words, we beseech you to spread the dividends of democracy across the nukes and crannies of The State Of Osun by allowing the son of nobody to become somebody without knowing anybody.


Once again, congratulations, Governor Ademola Adeleke, on this historic victory. May your tenure be marked by remarkable achievements, profound impact, and the betterment of the lives of the people of Osun State. The challenges ahead may be great, but with your leadership and the support of the people, we are confident that you will lead Osun State towards a brighter future.


Wishing you every success in your tenure as Governor and saluting the former governor; Alhaji Isiaka Gboyega Oyetola to have equally to have patiently pursued his case through the judiciary without heating up the polity.

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