Heartwarming act of compassion, Pastor Agbala Gabriel, renowned for his philanthropic efforts, has raised an impressive sum of 6 million Naira to support veteran actor Sule Suebebe. funds were raised to ensure proper care and medical attention for the actor, who has been facing health challenges.


Recalls that Sule Suebebe recently made an emotional appeal to the public, expressing his heartfelt desire to have a house and a car of his own.


The actor opened up about his aspirations and the challenges he faces in achieving them.


Part of his words read, “Ever since I started acting movies, I never owned a house or a car. I use okada everytime to get to my destination. Nigerians please have mercy on me, I want to have a house and a car of my own”


Upon hearing about Sule Suebebe’s plight, Pastor Agabala Gabriel wasted no time in responding to the call for help.


In a recent updated, the man of God visited Sule Suebebe’s house and raised a sum whopping sum million Naira.


According to Pastor Agbala Gabriel the actor was taking to the hospital but he was rejected.


He further reveals that the actor will be taking to his church in Ibadan for prayer.

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