Pastor Oladele Ogundipe Genesis engaging in a vis-a-vis discussions with church leaders


The founder of Genesis Global Church, Prophet Israel  Oladele Ogundipe (Genesis) advises prominent Pastors and General overseers to engage in a talk-to-talk discussions with their church members over political interest.


He made it known that engaging in political apathy will only cause further effects in the nation, as we’re all clamoring for a better nation where serenity lives.


While preaching the gospel in his last Sunday service, Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe Genesis also engages the youth heavily to get engaged in politics if we all really want a better Nigeria, as it’s one of our political right as a citizen of the nation; right to vote and right to be voted for.


It’s also known that most political ambassadors are often used to buying over citizens, to become political thugs, to disrupt political activities most especially during election, the founder of Genesis Global Church eventually advises his church members, most especially youths and other churches pioneers to see into the situation as change begins with us all.

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