Buruj Sports Academy will be locking horns with the skillful Prince Kazeem Eletu FC, Friday, Aug 20, 2021.

Buruj Sports Academy Boys will confront Kazeem Eletu FC on Friday morning in a friendly game inside the NPA Pitch Surulere, Lagos State by 8am.

The Prince Kazeem Eletu team have always been praised for their skill set on the playing ground coupled with their zealousnes to always conquer their opponents.

Meanwhile, the team of players are set to sluge it out with the BSA.

On his part, the CEO of the academy Salaudeen Waheed opined that the technical crew of the academy have been mandated to carry out the exercise for its players in the camp against a team that can expose the hidden weakness in each player and Prince Kazeem Eletu FC have been chosen based on their understanding of the game as the opponents of the day.

“It is important to conduct skill testing in addition to fitness testing to determine the skill level of our players and scoring ability. In a nutshell, skill drills can be incorporated into the training sessions and possibly individualized training for those lacking certain skills. There are some standard soccer skills tests and also many other variations that coaches around the world use,” he disclosed.

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