Onions are known as an aphrodisiac. They are widely used in many (almost every) dishes to enhance taste and flavour. However, the hidden benefit of eating this root vegetable is that it improves your life exponentially.



Not just men but even women can benefit from eating onions and being at par with her partner when it comes to intimate encounter. While onion breath may not be very pleasant, onions actually strengthens reproductive organs and increases testosterone, which boosts libido in both men and women. Below are 3 findings researchers say about eating raw onions 30 minutes before getting intimate.


Onions are also a good source of sulphides which helps to control fluctuating cholesterol levels and treat high blood pressure. This improves cardiovascular health, boosts circulation sending blood to every extremity your genitals and increases stamina during intimacy for both men and women. Research shows that, the phytochemicals present in onions act as a stimulant for Vitamin C, which in turn boosts the immune system for better blood circulation. This helps to fight toxins and foreign elements in the body which may inhibit your libido or prevent you from lasting long in bed.


According to recent research done at Cambridge university, fresh onion juice raises testosterone levels. Apart from this, it also boosts the health of the gonads in both men and women to help keep the spark alive.



The antioxidants present in onions help to improve a man’s oligozoospermia naturally. In fact, studies have shown that onion with a complement of ginger juice does that. One tablespoon of onion juice when taken with one teaspoon of ginger juice thrice a day can improve libido, stamina and make both men and women last longer in bed.

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