Are you making these bra mistakes?

If there’s one garment that deserves to be the hero of a woman’s wardrobe, it has to be the bra- the most essential piece of clothing for women across the world. While women may have different choices when it comes to choosing a bra, they often tend to make common mistakes when it comes to their favourite item of clothing.

Opting for a cheap bra

If you see bras on offer online and pick them up during a sale, then chances are you have been investing in cheap bras. Well, there’s a huge amount of difference between the fitting of a cheap bra and a good bra. A good bra will provide you better support and seem more comfortable than cheap bras sold off the shelf. Also, a good quality bra won’t face quality issues if you wash it often but the ‘once attractive’, cheap bra will lose its sheen after a few washes.

Irregular bra fittings

Now, this is perhaps the most common mistake women commit! Well, if you haven’t had a bra fitting lately, chances are you are wearing the wrong bra size.

Every woman’s body undergoes changes, mostly because of weight gain, weightloss, pregnancy, hormones and a lot of other reasons and it’s only natural for a woman to have different bra fittings at different times. Try and go for a fitting every now and then.


Repeating the bra

A lot of women believe that wearing a bra two days in a row will only extend the bra’s life but that’s not true. Your bra needs to get back in shape. Wearing it more than once will stretch the elastic and no prizes for guessing it’s extremely unhygienic to repeat your undergarments.


Washing it in the washing machine

Since bras often have delicate fabrics, they get withered when washed in the washing machine again and again. Though it’s ideal to hand wash a bra, since most of us use washing machines these days, we suggest you put your bra in a bra bag or a lingerie bag before putting it in the washing machine.


Size issues

If you shop for the same size when buying lingerie from different brands, you need to read this! Your bra band size or cup size can vary from brand to brand. So, never blindly shop for a new bra brand without trying the size.


Not knowing the expiry date

Your bra’s life is for 6 to 9 months only. If you wear your bra for more than a year, you’re only pushing the limits. The hooks will start to break and the underwire can also pop. Look for such signs and just throw away your bra.


Neglecting the storage part

Yes, you read that right! You actually need to store your bra as decently as you store your clothes instead of hanging it on a hanger or dumping it inside a drawer. And, if you are wondering the reason, here’s the answer – each bra has a unique shape and it might get altered if you don’t store it the right way and this holds true especially for molded foam and wired bras.


Always wearing a white bra

We think it’s an Indian problem of wearing a white bra all the time. Call it playing safe or simply thinking white bra can be worn under any garment is a stupid logic. Instead, one should always wear a shade that goes best with the skin tone. And, it’s always wonderful to opt for different shades which go with different moods. Try wearing a red bra on the day you are feeling low and it’ll instantly uplift your mood.


Wearing a sagging bra

We notice a lot of women wearing sagging bras. Not only these ill-shaped bras dig into your skin and cause pain, they can also alter the shape of your breast forever. And, by the way, the fact that your bra has straps that can be altered means you need to make use of the function. Tighten the bra instead of continuing to wear a sagging bra simply because the bra has taken its natural shape. And, if you can’t do it, simply throw the bra into the bin.


Not experimenting enough

If you have always worn plain-jane bras then you seriously need to reinvent your bra style. Understand that there are different bras for different outfits. If you are wearing a dress with a plunging neckline, it’s an obvious choice to opt for demi -bras instead of adjusting/hiding your regular bra under the dress.




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