Fadilat Sheik Sulaiman Farooq Onikijipa, alias Al-Miskinu Billahi is a renowned Islamic scholar who has millions of fans in Nigeria and across the globe.

Sheikh Sulaimon Onikijipa was born on the 25th of February, 1962, was born to the Onikijipa family by Alhaja Aminat Faruq; the daughter of Fadilat Sheikh Sa’adullahi (Al-Imam).

Sheikh Sulaimon started his search for knowledge under the tutelage of his father, he later proceeded to learn under a renowned scholar, Sheik Zakariyah Ataragba of the famous Agbaji Quarters till about 1979.
In 1979 Sheikh Sulaiman advanced in his Islamic education to Darul-Ulum Arabic and Islamic school, Ilorin. A forefront and reknowned Islamic Institution between 1979 and 1983.

In 1983 Sheik had his Idadiyah certificate from Darul-Ulum,Ilorin, he then proceeded to Markaz, Agege Lagos, under the auspice of Sheik Adam Al-Ilori from 1983 till 1986.

After sheikh’s graduation, he went ahead to deepen his knowledge in Sufism. among his great sufi master is Sheikh Abubakar Al-Miskinubillah.

Apart from Arabic Education, Sheik Farooq Onikijipa also received honors in Western education. He is a Doctorate Degree holder
in Human Services, from Columbus International University, England, 2005 and also awarded a Doctorate Fellowship by the Institute of Religious and Behavioral Education, Lagos, Nigeria, 2007.

He also has a Diploma and Higher Diploma in Islamic Religion from the Institution of the Religious and Behavioural Education Lagos (1998-2002), Bachelor Degree in Islamic Studies from the Pebble University, Australia (2007) etc.

Due to his outstanding gift and his contribution to the propagation of Islam in and outside the country,Mai Martaba Serikin Ilori (Dr.Ibrahin Zul-Qarnain Gambari C.F.R) therefore deem it fit to appoint the Sheikh as the 4th grand Mufti of Ilorin on Wednesday,21th of July 2021.

We pray that Allah in His infinite mercy continue to guide and protect him.

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