Forget Mr Biggs, how Gbenga “Bayowa” Adewusi fell off should be studied.


IMO, it’s greed that did him in.

Because Bayowa knew his onions. He’ll produce the film. Direct it. Feature in it. Sing the movie soundtrack. Still advertise it aggressively. Ebi Olokada. Larinloodu. Eleébòlò. Lèpa Shandy.

Too many to count.

Everyone wanted to be associated with that brand. The only other marketer that could attempt to go head to head with Bayowa then was Corporate Pictures.


He would advertise records so much, you’ll be forced to buy.


I remember one PaSunnyfication by some Sunny Melody. The only good part of the whole album was the part he sang with Pasuma. The “Area! Hello e o! Ta lon pe mi o?”


He understood that controversy sells. He set artists up against themselves. Sell the CDs.


Osupa’s “Confrontation” was marketed by Bayowa Films and Records International. Same as Pasuma’s “No Comment”. Same as the video where this late Baba was calling Osupa king. He even called himself “Ọ̀dádá 1” at some point.


So much so that people who had erstwhile flop songs would go to him and he’ll help them repackage them and sell them. A good example is the Ajónámákú woman. She had the fire accident that inspired the “o jóná kò kú, ó jábó kò fo ” song in 1991 but Bayowa said he’ll do make-up and all for her so it’ll look like the accident was recent and she got the inspiration from the hospital bed.


He even gave us Night Of A Thousand Laughs in Yoruba. Gave Cossy a second act as a video vixen. Remember Obesere’s Apple Juice?


There will be no Busola Oke Eleyele without Bayowa.


When his artists started calling him out for being a reaper, people couldn’t believe it because weren’t they always singing “Baba Itunu” pandan?


He would visit an artiste, he’ll ask small questions, dance with him, tell him to sing and do whatnot, give it one controversial title and sell it.


He even tried it when Moji Olaiya died. Recorded bits of her burial and titled it “Canada to Grave”


When next Nollywood wants to give a lifetime achievement award, they should please consider this man.

He’s an a.s.shole…yeah. But he did try.


It’s good that he’s since relocated to the UK. It kinda hurts to see him go from one of Nigeria’s biggest promoters to near obscurity.


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