Coconut milk is one of those things that a number of people use regularly. But often, people tend to use it for just one thing. It’s a very versatile ingredient and here are some of the interesting ways you can put it to work.



Ice cream

You can make instant ice cream by throwing into the food processor two overripe, frozen bananas, 200 grams frozen berries, and 120 ml coconut milk. In a minute you’ll have soft-serve ice cream to enjoy after dinner.



Coconut milk is an ingredient that’s used by mixologists to give an exotic, and slightly sweet note to their drinks. It works especially well in rum cocktails with a touch of lime or lemon juice to cut through the richness.



Simply process the coconut milk in a blender with fresh fruit. especially tropical fruit such as mangoes and pineapple, but also berries or peaches in season. Add a touch of honey or another sweetener as needed, a squeeze of lime or lemon juice, and some ice cubes.


Coconut Whipped Cream

This is a fun and delicious topping to make for crêpes and cakes; I serve it with my roasted pineapple. All you need to do is refrigerate a can of coconut milk upside down overnight, then carefully scoop out the thick cream that’s solidified at the top into a chilled bowl. Add a little sugar and beat energetically with a whisk until it forms soft peaks, and voilà! Non-dairy whipped cream!



Perhaps the most classic use of coconut milk in cooking is to make curries — comforting and fragrant stews of fish, meat, or vegetables.


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