It is commonly said that “Search within yourself to discover your gifts that are meant to be shared with others”.

Delectable Damola oyewale, has done due diligence by looking within, and discovered the gift of playing the talking drum. Being a female makes her more unique, as this area is majorly dominated by the male gender.

Speaking about what inspired her to be a talking drummer she said: ” About inspiration, wow nothing really inspired me though, just that I love drum beat. I listened, shake my body to every beat, then my dad suggested playing talking drum, and he bought my first drum”.

About when she started she said: “I started solidly around 2015, but due to school I paused for a while”

She went further to specify where and what kind of events, she could play at; “Playing the talking drum for me is For church and every other gathering….”

Damola oyewale is a talking drummer for the cherubim and seraphim church Nigeria. She is a graduate of history and international relations, from Lagos state university. Her stage is also Damola oyewale

Watch Video Below;

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