One of the trending talents Nigeria has ever produced is Akeem Sodiq who is popularly addressed as “The Lion”, and has declares that he has never lose a fight-match before ever since he has been a boxer before his fame and during his fame which brought about the accolade “A LEGEND”.


Akeem Sodiq is a native of Iwo town, Osun State where he was born and bred before moving to Texas to continue and add up to his career lifestyle as a boxer.


Akeem Sodiq is one of those fast rising talents who has deemed it fit to make Nigeria proud in all aspects. According to the information garnered, record has it that he has participated in 14 fight-match and amidst that, he has successfully won 12 and draw 2. In all of the 12 matches he won, he has 9 knockouts recorded. Also, in Texas, he has had a fight already and which his next scheduled match was cancelled sequel to his opponent’s absence.

1steleven9jatv correspondent gathered that he has never lose a fight before since his inception of being a boxer. However, he is looking forward to being a participant of the UFC fight at Texas.


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