Veteran Nollywood Actor Alhaji Abdulsalam Sanyaolu, also known as Charles Olumo Agbako, has pleaded for assistance due to a dreadful illness he is presently fighting.


The 98-year-old iconic actor claimed in a recent interview with BBC News Yoruba that his illness began years ago and progressed to the point where he had to be rushed to the hospital and have surgery.


Charles Olumo also mentioned that after the surgery was completed successfully, the pain returned severely. He claimed he went back to the hospital, where he was given medication to lessen the agony.


Charles Olumo Agbako continued by saying that he had trouble urinating once more and was sent to the hospital right afterwards. He learned from the doctors that his initial operation was botched.


He did, however, admit that he had been using medication to ease the pain and had spent a lot of money.


He said:


“I noticed that I had trouble easily urinating. Due to this, one of my sons had to accompany me to the hospital, where the doctor informed me that I would need to have surgery.


“When I returned to complain, they gave me some medications to ease the pain and help the wound heal.


“So, moving forward to this year, I notice that I am having trouble urinating once more. I immediately go to the hospital, but it’s sad to learn that the illness has returned and is worse because the initial surgery was not performed correctly. I have since been on painkillers and have spent a lot of money.”


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