Prophet Samuel King whose prophesy was posted on his Facebook page in January has now shared another audio that is trending across social media platforms since mid-day on Tuesday.


The clergyman who prophesied Ifeanyi Adeleke’s death has said more calamity is on the way in a new video. reports that the clergyman, Prophet Samuel King who reportedly prophesied about the death of Ifeanyi Adeleke, singer, Davido’s son says to expect more calamity.


You would recall that had earlier published how Ifeanyi Adeleke son of popular Afrobeat singer, David Adeleke, and his fiancee Chioma had died inside the family’s swimming pool in their Banana Island palatial home on Monday, October 31.


A source close to the Adelekes revealed that the Nanny was with Ifeanyi when the Chef arrived to join them in the living room. However, she was said to have stepped out to take a call and when she returned, she didn’t find Ifeanyi and believed he was with the Chef. But when the Chef, was asked he said he had not seen Ifeanyi and that aroused anxiety.


According to information, they reportedly began searching desperately for Ifeanyi at that juncture and did so for around 20 minutes before a security guard found his body in the pool. How the boy entered the water was a mystery to everyone.


According to reports, Davido and Chioma learned the terrible news when they arrived home from their trip and have since remained inconsolable. “Davido ran mad. Davido and Chioma have been inconsolable ever since. “He practically stripped naked and attempted to run into the streets before he was restrained. The boy’s body was taken to the morgue as the family insists that an autopsy would be performed to ascertain the cause of death,” a source said.


Meanwhile, all friends, employees, and coworkers are said not to be permitted to go to Davido’s father’s house, where he and Chioma are holed up for now.


Following the report of the Ifeanyi’s death, a post made by Nigerian clergyman, Prophet Samuel King in January 2022 warning Davido and his family of an impending danger that could befall them sometime resurfaced online.


In a follow-up audio recording which is now trending on social media, Prophet Samuel King has now revealed that more calamity beckons as there is a second part of the prophecy that he would not reveal on social media except the Adeleke family reaches out to him offline.


In his resurfaced prophesy, Samuel King asked the singer to pray against the arrow of death, especially against his son.


The post read, “PRAY FOR DAVID ADELEKE aka Davido . In a vision, I saw 2022 with so many opportunities for him, reward and awards! This is the biggest year for him even until 2023! But let’s pray Against any arrow of death ESPECIALLY against his son! Any any close loved ones. God revealed this to me That it will happen if prayers are not MADE. I see T and Y as a very significant clue to this prophecy as well. THINGS ARE HAPPENING!”


In his updated post hours ago, the clergyman wrote “GLOBAL ACCURATE PROPHECY CONFIRMED.” Prophet Samuel, who claimed that the prophecy was in two parts, asked Davido to reach out to him to avert a mirror of this tragic incident in 2023. His words, “GLOBAL ACCURATE PROPHECY CONFIRMED”. Davido‘s Son has died , fulfilling the prophecy given on 7th of JANUARY 2022 by the PROPHET ,with a call of warning to pray for his son! More highlights will still be given towards this PROPHECY as there are hidden CLUES that needs to be shared in prayers only with the family of David Adeleke and His family!”


Watch the video below;

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