In the heart of the Celestial Church of Christ, a profound gesture of compassion and unity has emerged, centering around the life of an esteemed member, Steve Pelemo, affectionately known as Bro Bro. This iconic figure, known for his exceptional contributions to the music ministry within the church, has been battling a life-threatening illness for several years, facing the challenges with unwavering faith and dedication to his calling. In a remarkable show of support, Prophet Israel Oladele, a.k.a Prophet Genesis, has stepped forward to lead an intervention aimed at seeking aid and help to facilitate Bro Bro’s recovery.


Steve Pelemo’s life journey is an inspiring tale of determination and resilience. Born on December 24, 1950, to the Pelemo family in Odo Qtrs, Ibillo, which was then part of Bendel State, now Edo State, he encountered financial hurdles that hindered his formal education. Yet, undeterred by the circumstances, he embraced a path in bricklaying, learning the art under the guidance of Mr. Paul Atane, an experienced building contractor.


In 1968, fate led him to the Celestial Church of Christ at Makoko, where he discovered a profound connection through the heavenly hymns and songs rendered by the choir. Despite initial skepticism surrounding the church’s reputation, he persisted in his faith and was allowed to join the congregation with the support of elders such as Baba A.A. Bada, Baba Robert Cole, and Baba Sobowale.


Bro Bro’s dedication to the Celestial Church of Christ and his music ministry flourished. By 1974, he received prophecies of a full-time musical calling within the church. In 1977, he composed the renowned hymn “Mo Ronu Titi Ase Asan Ma Laye Je, Moronu Titi Imulemofo Ni,” which later became a pivotal piece during the burial ceremony of Baba Robert Cole. His musical journey soared, and over time, he became a globally recognized name, endearing a vast number of followers with his soul-stirring songs and hymns.


In 2015, Steve Pelemo’s life took an unexpected turn when he was afflicted with a life-threatening illness. This challenge tested his faith and dedication to God, inspiring fellow members of the Celestial Church of Christ to come together and rally behind him during his time of need.


Introducing Prophet Israel Oladele, also known as Prophet Genesis, a respected figure within the Celestial Church of Christ community; recognizing the significant impact Bro Bro had on the church’s music ministry, Prophet Genesis embarked on a mission to mobilize support and aid for Steve Pelemo’s recovery.


In a display of heartfelt empathy and unity, Prophet Genesis donated Four Hundred Thousand Naira (₦400,000) towards Bro Bro’s recovery. This generous act serves as a beacon of hope, symbolizing the essence of compassion and care within the Celestial Church of Christ community.


Prophet Genesis’s initiative has sparked a wave of solidarity, with countless church members and well-wishers coming forward to extend their support to the beloved Bro Bro. This act of collective benevolence illustrates the strong sense of unity and togetherness that defines the Celestial Church of Christ.


In a world where challenges can seem insurmountable, the story of Steve Pelemo, a.k.a Bro Bro, and Prophet Genesis offers a reminder that compassion and unity can heal even the deepest wounds. Their bond exemplifies the core principles of the Celestial Church of Christ, emphasizing the power of faith, love, and collective action.


As the intervention for Steve Pelemo’s recovery continues, the Celestial Church of Christ stands united in prayer, unwavering in its support for one of its most cherished members. The legacy of Bro Bro’s musical contributions, coupled with Prophet Genesis’s benevolence, creates a lasting impact that resonates beyond the church walls, touching the hearts of people far and wide.


In conclusion, the compelling story of Steve Pelemo and Prophet Genesis exemplifies the power of compassion and unity within the Celestial Church of Christ. As the community stands together in the face of adversity, their unwavering support sends a powerful message of hope and strength. The intervention to aid Bro Bro’s recovery serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of love and care that defines the Celestial Church of Christ family, where every member’s well-being matters, and no one is left behind.


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