Video : “Take Care Of Your Manager and Band Boys,” Fuji Star, Malaika, Advises Fuji Musicians


Popular Fuji Star, Alao Malaika, popularly known as Fuji Password has advised that all Fuji Musicians should take good care of their managers and band boys, for the journey ahead is not for a single man to walk.
While performing at the Album launching of another fuji act, Issa Mirinda, Alao Malaika revealed that many times, most fuji musicians often underrate and look down on themselves.
He, has, however advised that as Fuji musicians, it’s essential to have professionals who are inclined with wisdom as subordinates due to the fact that, there will be times when there will be a need for advises, and one without a band of wisdom, is likely to walk through the wrong path.
Part of his shocking revelation while on stage at ISSA Mirinda album launching was when he told the usual story of his inabilities to further his tertiary education due to lack of funds. He stated that, “Like I often said, while growing up, I was a lover of education, and without any modicum of doubt, my education keeps going on smoothly as expected, but however, it got ended unintentionally due to the irregularities in the Family’s finance life, but, instead, of being an idle workshop, I added more energy on my talent, which is the Fuji music, and for the love of education, when the wrongs became right, I furthered my education at London.”
Alao Malaika, further advises up-and-coming and just trending Fuji artistes not to underrate all of their managers and band boys, he implored them to take good care of them for the journey ahead isn’t for a man to walk alone.

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