For many days I have been carefully checking all Fuji songs on popular social media platform known as TikTok, the efforts was borne our my curiosity to know the Fuji singers whose his songs were mostly used by the users of the trending social media platform.


After my carefully and deliberately effort to come out with unbias findings and results, I was able to discovered that the mostly Fuji songs used by the Yorubas who are making used of the TikTok, are the songs of King Dr. Saheed Okunola Osupa.



After that, I put an effort to know the reason why his songs were mostly used by the tiktokers and my result was that because most of his songs are philosophical in nature and many of tiktokers are found of going for the songs that teaches moral to pass their messages on TikTok and King Saheed Osupa’s Songs fit in that category.


As a lover of fuji music with formidable love for the genre of music, there was a day I wanted to use the song of one of my favourable Fuji singers on my TikTok, I searched for the songs of this my beloved act for about 30 minutes but I couldn’t get his song that suit the message Im intending to pass across, I have no choice than to use King Saheed Osupa’s Song, the particular song which I used was very accurate for my message, it served the purpose of my intention.


I have no doubt in my mind that the Ibadan born lord of music is already making himself a dictionary of philosophical and wisdom songs and those songs would eventually meet the test of times just like his mentor, Late Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister did in his life and time.

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