Popular Gospel Musician Kunle Ajomale known for Popular hit tracks like Leyin Jesu, Apata Ayeraye,etc talks about his travail in the hands of US authorities.


Explaining in an interview he said ” They implanted a Microchip into my body and this has been causing me excruciating pains, persistent headache, tiredness in the past 13 years. I can always feel the instrument moving all over my body, causing me pains, expecially at night, Kunle laments.




He said the tracking device was detected by some Indian doctors.


The story of Jacob Kunle Ajomale has lingered on for years without Justice. A Microchip device was allegedly planted in him through his anus by some officials of the United States Immigration and Culture Enforcement since 2009.


His Story as Narrated by him:



“My name is Jacob Olakunle Ajomale. I’m here to tell you my ordeal in the hands of Customs and Immigration Enforcement of the United States of America (ICE). I traveled to the US in April 2007, and became a permanent resident in February 2008. I came for my father’s burial in January 2009 and returned to the US in February 2009. At the point of entry, I was arrested by Officer Derrick Dawood. He asked me to step aside and questioned me about a passport that belong to Emmanuel Adegoke. I requested to speak with my lawyer. I wasn’t going to lie, but wanted to follow the law so that I don’t make incriminating statement, but he refused and kept me in a very cold room for nine hours; from 1pm to 10pm. As soon as I made the statement, he took me straight to EC cell, and that was where I stayed for about four months before my family and friends got me a lawyer. After checking my records, he said since I never had any criminal record in America, the judge might be lenient with you.


“The judge gave me six months for the offence and credited me, but instead of releasing me on August 6, 2009, ICE released me on August 11 (five days after), Which is against the law. I returned to Maryland on August 12, but on August 17, Officer Derrick called to come pick up my passport and green card. When I got there on August 19, I was arrested and handcuffed. I reminded him that that I have served my term, but he said I had to see the judge again in two or three days, but I stayed there for one and half years.


“After my month jail, another officer, William Timalon, approached me and told me that they made a mistake releasing me earlier. He mentioned that he can see to my release but it will cost me some money. I agreed. Meanwhile, I have already got another lawyer, this time, a Nigerian, Nike Akingbade. I told her what the officer said. She called immigration office, and she came to interrogate me. Afterwards, Officer Timalon was fired. And that was when my real ordeal started

To be continued….


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