The indefatigable Fuji musician, King (Dr) Saheed Akorede Osupa became the talk of the white city as he tours over all major cities in the united states.



It was garnered by that he began the tour in the united state of America in the month of March, 2022 officially as a means of moving the train of his undiluted entertainment across the globe, and hopefully to return back to Nigeria by September, 2022.



His 2022 America tours has been an amazing journey as the music star move from one state to another across the United States of America with an undiluted faaji.



The journey began from Maryland, Chicago, Houston, Indianapolis, Dallas, Midland Odessa Texas, Atlanta, New York, Washington DC, New Jersey and Toronto Canada. In Atlanta, the fuji star was well appreciated there with massive show of love of huge spray of foreign currencies on his stage, as he sings the eulogy of his teeming fans. The money spent on his stage became the talk of the town as it’s being blogged across all social media platforms in Nigeria and beyond

Olufimo 1 X Sharonboi 

Olufimo 1 is a musician who has been dishing out different hits of Fuji music in a rebranded way for the benefits of his fans, as he has promised his fans to bring beautiful music as it’s expected of them all to receive the value for their money.



Currently, Oba Orin is the bubbling man who is making a huge wave in the entertainment industry as industry watchers are keeping an eye on his moves for more greatness.

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