Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has released a list of prophecies for the New Year, while also sharing his thoughts on the outcome of the 2023 Presidential elections.

Adeboye released the prophecies during the Cross Over Service organized to usher in the New Year at the expansive Redemption Camp in Lagos.

The session was monitored by 1st News.

The renowned cleric, who described himself as a pastor and not a prophet, launched a subtle attack at religious leaders who are fond of using the dawn of a new year to share a series of unspecific prophecies; even as he told his audience that any prophecy that is not specific is a personal opinion Omonaijablog reports. Equally important, he disclosed that when God speaks; his thoughts are made clear and, as such, the ensuing revelations are made lucid by the messenger.

In addition, Adeboye revealed that a lot of people have been coming to ask him about the expected winner of the 2023 Presidential elections.

‘‘I tell them I don’t know. Yes. Because Daddy has not told me anything about it. You cannot say what you don’t know. So, until that time, I have no answer.’’

Adeboye went on to relate to some of the prophecies he released during last year’s service to usher in 2021.

The cleric, who revealed that one of the prophecies pertained to the world not coming out of the woods until people acknowledge God, related this to the rampaging COVID-19 pandemic which has continued to mutate into new variants, despite the record invention of vaccines and their use globally.

Meanwhile, the highly respected cleric did not fail to deliver the prophecies for 2022; some of which cut across happenings in Nigeria and across the world.

Here is the list of prophecies shared by Pastor Adeboye for 2022:

– At least 80 per cent of projects started in 2022 will be completed.- 2022 will witness the emergence of previously unheralded or unknown stars.

– It will be a year of massive breakthroughs in terms of finances and signs/wonders.- Infant mortality rate will drop by at least 50%.

– With respect to Nigeria, God says I should tell you that you cannot make an omelette without breaking an egg.

– The issue of migration will take a new turn this year.

– There will be two massive storms this year. One of them will be in the Atlantic – a hurricane and the other one will be in the Pacific Ocean – a typhoon. Both of them will be terrible and devastating.Equally important, the preacher announced the commencement of the RCCG’s annual fast set to begin on Tuesday, January 11 and run till Wednesday, March 2, 2022.

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