In a recent chat with Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe on his view on the Muslim-Muslim Ticket, he made a trending statement that has called the attention of the public which is however highlighted below.

He said my wife was born and bred from an Islamic Family, and the unity within us has been sustaining our marriage. He advised that, religion diversity shouldn’t be an issue that can stand as a threat to choosing of leaders as it’s known across the globe that there’s only one God, in which everyone serves.

The respected man of God furthermore disclosed that his wife Islamic name is Shakirat, and said he has a good relationship with his wife family as their respective religion has never caused chaos between himself and his In-laws.

In the same view, he further disclosed about his loyal self that he was also born into a devoted Muslim family and confirmed that his Islamic name is said to be Wasiu. He said, myself and my wife are both born and raised from an Islamic Family. He said, fate has it for me to be a man of God which is how destiny brought me into the Christianity religion.

He said, the Muslim-Muslim ticket shouldn’t be a problem for the nation to look into, but instead focus more on other essential things that needs to be structured in the nation. He also advised that CAN, should be on the top of their voice to be prepared for the future as there’s no better candidate that can represent the Christianity religion and in as much there’s no better candidate, there shouldn’t be a discrepancy between Christianity and Islam on the presidential ticket.

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