4 million Youths for Tinubu is a movement that has absorbed over 250 Youth Groups for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. This development was necessary in order to building a more formidable team of electorate towards winning the forthcoming Presidential election, this merger is also put together to galvanize support for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu like never before in the history of electioneering processes in Nigeria. The aim of this movement is to mobilize cerebral Youths capable of working assiduously towards Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s victory in 2023, this comprises of Youths from every nooks and cranes of the nation.



The brains behind this great movement are part of the best brains in the Country. The Convener is Hon. Tope Adefemiwa, Former KOWA Presidential Aspirant and Ondo APC Governorship Aspirant. Also, on the fulcrum of the wheel of this movement is the Chairman of the movement, in the person of Mr. Kunle Adebowale, a profound, faithful and dedicated individual to the cause of the Youths for over the years. He is indeed an enthusiast in the dynamics of the Youths, and known for his integrity in all parameters.




Based on the leaders’ objectives, the movement is focused on mobilizing and sensitizing Youths for the next election, it’s also involved in projecting the Asiwaju in good light across the Nation. This is to bring about a matchless and resounding victory for the Presidential candidate of our ruling Party, APC.


The movement is borne out of the core democratic nature of Tinubu, who is a core democrat, a nationalist, and a person who strongly believes in the project of one Nigeria.


He has built great relationships with people over the years, and giving the Youths various platforms to lead. When he was the Governor of Lagos state , he worked with different individuals from diverse part of Nigeria . This set of people, he groomed and supported to be a progressive leaders in their respective states.


He built the modern Lagos and it has become the home to all Nigerians today without tribal or religious brouhaha.


His infrastructural Landmark in Lagos is unmatched and he placed Lagos on the pedestal of economic independence.


He laid the visionscape for the modern Lagos that we are all enjoying today. He has engaged himself in the reengineering of many individuals who have become firebrand products from the “electoral school of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (ABAT). These individuals are the tools and instruments of revitalization of their respective states. Many states have been turned around from nothing to something.


In the past, most of these states had a hopeless economic situation, but with the reengineering culture of the master and teacher, they have been able to push forte beyond their former state.


The just concluded election of the Osun state was an inglorious feat for our party. The result has called for a total overhaulling of the structure, therefore demanding the need for the Youths to live up to expectation by giving the man that is fit for the job the desired mandate. It is all our responsibility, and no one else will do this for us. It is our time. The pedestal is set, the clarion call to enthrone the right man is not negotiable, but a task that must be actualised at all cost. A man of substance of high political wit. There is no doubt, if he has the privilege to lead this nation, he is definitely going to replicate the Lagos model of government in Nigeria.


The vision is to see Nigeria succeed and come out of all her challenges, and there is no better person than Bola Ahmed Tinubu, he is the right man for the job, if Nigeria must come out of her present predicaments, we have to get things right once and for all, and the time is now.


Asiwaju is the answer!


Jagaban to the Rescue!


Hon. Tope Adefemiwa.

Convener, 4 Million Youths For Tinubu.

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