Late Femi Osibona


A big shame the MD of Forescore Properties and owner of the collapsed Ikoyi building got his life burried in the debris of his mammoth power sin.

The man not only escaped giving answers to many hanging questions, he also burried many innocent lives, money and reputations in the sleaze.

The pain in all these is the humiliation government officials are subjected to in the hands of politicians and their associates.

See how the late Osibona made staff of LABSCA that went to call him to order on his murderous construction sit on the floor with the aid of police for doing their jobs?

The man may have escaped the law, but not nemesis.

Let us hope the panel and government would live up to their responsibilities, going forward, take measures to avert disasters and scandals like these but also ensure all officials concerned get fair treatment and justice.


People should not be humiliated for doing their jobs or for pursuing their careers with the support of government machinery.

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