A Man With An Unforgettable Birth-Day


A wise man once said: “one of the greatest gifts God gave to people is the opportunity to live a life.”

That was his best quote ever as he opened another chapter of life. According to him, “I have been in deep thoughts of gratitude for all that God has done. Really, I am privileged to live and achieve anything I have achieved in life. When I remember how I started and where I am now, I just know it could only have been God.”

The lanky Prince added just as he continued in his birthday message. “Many like me have been dead with all the money they have. Not everyone is privileged to see 44.”

Now the next paragraph is where I want to dip into;
he also said in his speech thus: “It is only God who keeps and preserves. What else did God not do for me. He gave me the grace to share my wealth with people around and good health to enjoy it with them.”

This man called Ambassador Dr. Prince Kazeem Austin Eletu Odibo, an entrepreneur of note, a love of soccer, philanthropist to the core, ardent believer of Allah, simply lives his life by sharing his wealth to the masses. For him, he doesn’t do it for the fun, rather he sees it as a calling. All his life, he has always wanted millions of people to keep smiling.

He understands how it feels to be poor. He was once in penury. He had nothing. He scampered through the nooks and crannies of Ajegunle and beyond in just to feed the mouth. He walked, fell, rose, fell and fell again over and over again, but his doggedness and resilience to be successful pushed him to where he is today.

Hear him: “So today, please help me thank God and celebrate with me for the beautiful life He has given me.”

And what his that life God has given him?
For him, a beautiful life is not the fact that he is wealthy, but that he promotes love and fear of God mong the people and cares for them and shares with them just to be happy is a beautiful life to him.

Surely, one day, I know I will write a biography in his name and by then you will be able to understand his person and how he sees life. What he has done with life and how life has treated him.

An unprecedented philanthropist, among different empowerment programs he runs with his foundation, Prince Kazeem Eletu Odibo, he deemed it fit to make 60 elderly people smile on February 14, 2022, when he clocked 44. His birthday has always come with love and smiles. He pays more attention on the giving to the people on his birthday rather than spoiling himself.

I could remember some years ago, some three couples won cash prizes worth 1 million naira on his birthday. Last year, it was pregnant women- Many of them around Lagos and beyond in hundreds came for necessary maternity items and cash gifts. For this year, it took a new turn.

He had said: “I have selected the 44 people for the giveaway but upon seeing how much the numbers are, I have decided to add 15 more people to make 60. The 15 lucky persons will get a notification in their DM’s. So I would be giving out N50,000 cash to 60 Elders to celebrate my birthday. Grateful to God for absolutely EVERYTHING!!!”

It wasn’t audio, it was real. What do you think the 60 elderly people will say of him? Let’s think about it while we continue to wish him what he wishes for the people.

Happy Birthday The Greatest of All!

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