Lagos, Nigeria – On the 2nd of November, 2023, the Lagos Country Club’s Mini Hall came alive with vibrant colors, music, and a sense of grandeur as The Aseyin of Iseyin Oba Sefiu Olawale Adeyeri III and Maryam Omoronke Abike celebrated their Introduction and Engagement. It was a day of love, culture, and joy, with all the elements that make such occasions truly special.


The event commenced with the Nikah ceremony, setting the tone for the day’s festivities. In a nod to punctuality, there was “No African Time” – the proceedings started at 9 am sharp. Family and friends gathered in the elegant Mini Hall, eagerly awaiting the couple’s union. This was an occasion that could not be missed, evident from the presence of esteemed guests, such as Shina Peller, a prominent figure in the community, and a representative from Yoyo Bitters, as well as Alhaji Saheed Alaran, Oluwalogbon, and Agba Awo, among many others, who graced the event with their presence.

While the bride’s family and the Oba’s family celebrated at the Lagos Country Club, a significant part of the day was dedicated to tradition and cultural rites. As per custom, the Oba, who couldn’t be present at the Lagos event, awaited the bride’s arrival in Iseyin, where the official handover would take place at the palace.


This transition was not merely a physical journey but also a journey through culture and tradition. In Iseyin, the couple, along with their families, performed the necessary rituals that symbolized their union and respect for their heritage.

The celebration continued with music performances by Akirikogbon, infusing the atmosphere with the rhythms of joy. It was a moment of jubilation and camaraderie, as friends and family came together to witness the union of Oba Sefiu Olawale and Maryam Omoronke Abike.


The bride, Maryam Omoronke Abike, hails from Oyo State, adding an extra layer of significance to the event as it celebrated not only the union of two individuals but also the blending of two cultures. The couple’s love story culminated in a grand affair that beautifully intertwined tradition, modernity, and love.

Additionally, the ascension of Prince Olawale Semiu Oyebola to the position of Aseyin of Iseyin brought a fresh chapter to the history of the region. One year after the demise of the previous Aseyin, Oba Abdganiy Salawudeen Adekunle, Oloogunebi Ajinese 1, the community welcomed its 30th Aseyin.

Oyebola was chosen by the 10 kingmakers, a decision that was made under tight security to ensure a peaceful transition. It’s worth noting that the Aseyin-elect currently resides in the United States of America with his family, adding an international flavor to the rich cultural tapestry of Iseyin.


As we look back on the memorable Introduction and Engagement of Oba Sefiu Olawale and Maryam Omoronke Abike, and welcome the new Aseyin of Iseyin, it’s clear that the event was a testament to the enduring power of culture, love, and community. The couple’s journey continues, and the region ushers in a new era under the leadership of its 30th Aseyin.

This celebration, rich with history and tradition, was a momentous occasion that will be remembered and cherished by all who had the privilege to attend. The echoes of love and culture will resound for generations to come, a true reflection of the enduring spirit of Nigeria’s rich heritage.

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